March 22, 2023

10 Most Popular Henna Mehndi Designs Tattoo You Should Try Out In 2022

If you’re looking for henna mehndi designs tattoo for your hands or feet and are puzzled about the numerous sorts of designs then you come to the right article. 

This article will help you with henna tattoos as well as the type of mehndi designs patterns that are available in henna.

Mehndi Designs For Hands And Feet Tattoo

Women frequently apply henna, also known as mehndi, to adorn their hands and feet during weddings and other special occasions and festivals. Henna is a significant element of Indian culture. Women all throughout the world, not just in India, adore henna as a temporary tattoo option. Henna heart designs are among the most cherished and well-liked designs, yet they are used with various designs. To learn more about some intriguing choices, read this article. Navigate down!

Henna Mehndi Designs Tattoo for Your Hands and Body

The art of designing henna tattoos is practiced primarily by women. Depending on the event, there are various henna tattoo designs that can be used. The colours, patterns, and shading of henna have undergone significant variation in recent years. The top 10 henna mehndi patterns videos from my YouTube channels are given below for your hands.

Types of Henna Mehndi Designs 

  1. Arabic Mehndi Designs
  2. Indo Western Arabic Mehndi Designs
  3. Gulf Henna Designs for Hands
  4. Dubai Bold Style Henna Designs
  5. Intricate Bridal Mehndi Designs for Full Hands
  6. Floral Henna Designs
  7. Mandala Henna Tattoo Mehndi Designs 
  8. Rose Henna Tattoo Design
  9. Rose Henna Designs 
  10. Foot Henna Tattoo Designs 

1. Arabic Mehndi Designs 

Mehndi patterns combine patterns, shapes, and leaves to produce stunning and fashionable henna designs for hands. Arabic mehndi patterns are among the most straightforward, simple, and fashionable henna styles. This particular henna tattoo is made up of floral designs, leaf patterns, parsley patterns, check patterns, shading, and lines.

Arabic Mehndi Design

The same is true for different henna varieties; if you choose not to go by these guidelines, henna will just flow according to your personal design preferences.

Let’s examine another henna tattoo style.

2. Indo Western Arabic Mehndi Designs 

The designs used for arabic henna and mehndi are extremely similar. The only difference is that this kind simply transforms the straight form of applying arabic henna into a western style of henna designs as time goes on. This type still adheres to the same rules for applying henna; the only distinction is that this type does not follow them. For your reference, I’ve included a few of my movies in this article that can be used as henna design instructions.

3. Gulf Henna Designs for Hands

Today, this is the most well-known variety of henna in the world. You may infer what this kind of henna is like just from the name. This gulf-style henna mehndi is created with pieces that are employed in a striking pattern. Set of flowers with a gulf pattern, leaving with the stroke technique to create a henna tattoo in the gulf style. Although there are no set rules or recommendations for how to draw henna tattoos, it is still necessary to know the correct method. As previously stated, it has a bold style, thus drawing these designs correctly requires knowledge of the proper method. Because if you don’t know the proper stroke technique, you can’t draw or apply these henna designs correctly. Below are a handful of my henna designs.

Gulf Henna Tattoo Design

4. Dubai Bold Style Henna Designs

Here is the Dubai type of henna tattoo or mehndi design, which uses almost the same kind of elements but doesn’t adhere to any rules or guidelines for drawing henna. As I already mentioned in my previous paragraph, the gulf henna consists of bold pattern elements in their henna tattoos. The majority of this style has large bold flowers and leaves, as well as dots.

5. Intricate Bridal Mehndi Designs for Full Hands

All women over the world love and adore this the most. It can be a little challenging to draw this pattern because it combines several complicated parts to produce a complex mehndi design. In essence, the entire hand is covered in the pattern, which is full of henna elements. In essence, a bride creates these sorts on her wedding day.

Intricate Bridal Mehndi Designs for Full Hands

6. Floral Henna Designs

Floral henna is a very simple and easy-to-draw henna design tattoo mehndi. This uses lots of flowers in their design pattern. It doesn’t follow any rules or guidelines and simply uses a fusion of mehndi designs. Simply put, this style of henna design is made by combining various designs and flowers.

Floral Henna Tattoo Design

7. Mandala Henna Tattoo Mehndi Designs

Because it’s so easy to design, this henna tattoo is both the most attractive and straightforward of all the varieties. In order to create mandalas, it is frequently created with humps around the circle and spirals, as well as flowers on top. The back of your hands looks beautiful with this type of design.

Mandal Henna Tattoo Mehndi Design

8. Rose Henna Tattoo design

This style is the most realistic since it features roses across the body in the henna design. This can be drawn as a tattoo on your body or as henna patterns on your hands. This is one of my favorite henna tattoos since it looks so lovely when drawn and is extremely elegant.

Rose Henna Tattoo Designs

9. Negative Space Henna Tattoo

The majority of the time, you may have noticed the negative space, also known as negative filling or a reverse henna tattoo, in your henna where the motif is created to create a sort of 3D impression. This looks wonderful when combined with intricate henna and mehndi design.

Negative Space Henna Tattoo

10. Foot Henna Tattoo Designs

Henna for the feet has no specific type and can be put in any design. The patterns on the side feet typically look fantastic with frills, flowers, and spirals. There are many additional designs that can be drawn here as well for a lovely appearance. The application of henna designs to the bride and groom’s hands and feet is a crucial component of Indian weddings. The henna must be painted on both the bride’s hands and feet. It feels as though their elders are blessing them. And not just in India; I think henna is applied to a bride’s hands all over the world to complete her special-day look.

Feet Henna Tattoo Design


Regarding the most well-liked henna tattoo designs and their different forms, I hope this information was helpful. But since henna is a versatile art form and new creatives are acquiring designs from artists every day, there is no limit to this. We may publish a few more tattoos with fusions of henna designs in our forthcoming blogs. But for the time being, these are my all-time favorites and well-liked henna mehndi tattoo designs.

If you have any suggestions or believe I have left out any other types of henna tattoos, please let us know in the comments area.

Please check out my other blogs; they might be interesting.

All the best to you.

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